A Word From Pastor Mike


 “And the one seated on the throne said, ‘See, I am making all things new.’”  -Revelation 21:5

What a year we have been through!  We have had to do church like never before.  Now here we stand on the threshold of a new year and things don’t appear to have changed much….yet!  We do expect sometime this year to return to our normal worship together, but things will still remain forever changed in some way.  Some new things: since we have had such a tremendous response to our worship services being live on the internet, we intend to stay on the internet even beyond the time when we can be back together in worship.  Also, we have new methods of giving our tithes and offerings which might make it simpler for some people. You can still mail it in, but you can also give on line on our church website or the wnccumc.org website.  These may not sound like much in the way of change, but it really has been.  It has changed the way we organize, how we make sure each part of our worship service is in place.  The time before worship is spent in sound checks and visual checks.  More people are required to provide these worship experiences.  So much has changed here for us as well as for you who worship.

God promised in the Revelation to make all things new.  That appears to be what God is doing; taking what we have and how we have done things for years and making them knew.  It is encouraging us to reach out to people who rely more and more on technology and the internet to find what they want and apparently there are many that want to watch our services.  We have had sometimes twice as many watching our services via internet than we normally have in the sanctuary for Sunday worship.  Isn’t that great?  With every advancing technology from the days that radio became a new thing, the Word of God has been sent out to people in so many different ways.  Now we are joined not only with our radio worshipers, but also those on the internet which, by the way, includes people throughout the United States and we even have one or two worshipers now from other countries. We also have some worshipers who are members of our congregation but have had to move out of the area, yet they still feel at home worshiping with us each Sunday.  How’s that for the possibility of our outreach?

Zoom meetings have become the norm for us of late.  For those unacquainted with Zoom, it enables our committees to meet together without leaving our homes.  We can still see each other, talk to each other, and even send a message to someone in the meeting that the others don’t see.  Imagine how we can use that for Bible studies or other studies!  How much greater can our audience get when we can include people who for some reason are shut-in or cannot get out much.  They can be a part and see their friends and church family and interact with them.  It really isn’t hard to do, and it certainly is better than shutting everything down.  We are still very active.

How about ourselves now?  How has God changed you since last March?  How has your attitude, spiritual awareness, and desire to be close to God changed since then?  God continues to change us and enables us to evolve into more spiritual, more aware Christians than we have ever been.  Let’s be open to the constant change God creates in us.  It is a good thing! 


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