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So the people spoke against God and Moses, “Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in this wilderness?”  (Numbers 21:5)

So why are we in this wilderness where we are asked to stay home, no vacations, no travel, we can hardly go out to eat now, we can’t go have a beer with our buddies, the kids are home and driving you crazy, you can’t teach math,  we can’t even go to church!!!   We’re told every day that we must wear masks, wash our hands (a lot), and social distance (there’s a new one for our lexicon).  Yet with people hearing all of these precautions, they refuse to yield to these deterrents to becoming ill.   What about love your neighbor and not spreading it to your friends or family members, some that are very much at risk and could die from this virus.  It reminds me of the Children of Israel grouching at God and Moses because they were sick of their circumstances and refused to obey and dire consequences ensued.

Yes, I hate wearing a mask and I even hate more not being able to come to church together, but tell me who you would want to put at risk.   Yet, we are at a time where it is more important to be the church than ever before.  We need to accept the commandment to love one another, to care for our brothers and sisters.  Have we?  Who have you called to learn if they are okay or if they need something that you can go to the store and get for them?  I’m thinking about our seniors and others labeled at risk.  Many of our seniors, I have learned are not even able to watch our services on Facebook because they have no computer or cannot get on Facebook to watch.  They can only join their church by radio every other month.  Maybe you could put on your mask, grab your laptop and go have church with some of our seniors.   Young adults and teens, you know how to do this better than anyone.  Maybe while you’re going, take a meal to them, a cake, or some other surprise that will brighten their day or week and encourage them spiritually and emotionally in the midst of this wilderness we find ourselves.

Be creative in how you can be the church right now.  Take hold of your faith and put it to work.  Let’s care for one another as Jesus told us to do and be the church.


Pastor Mike






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