Sep 12

New Communication Strategy

The days of relying on the bulletin or newsletter as a primary source of church news is quickly fading as technology provokes a seemingly endless adaptation of how we communicate. It has become evident that church members have a wide variety of preferences for receiving church news. In order to reach as many as possible, the staff is planning to utilize all the available media in order to “get the word out.”

The hub of communication will shift to the web site, which will be updated daily to include the latest news as soon as possible. Facebook users will also be able to connect with the latest news through postings containing links to the appropriate web page.

The bulletin has been reconfigured to put all the new announcements in one place with previous announcements below them to serve as reminders.

Beginning September 29, The First Word, our church newsletter, will sport a new look and carry more in-depth stories of what is happening and how programs and events turned out following their implementation.  Graphics will shift from clipart to photos. Additionally, feature stories will become more prominent.  Two newsletters will be published each month. A larger edition, featuring the bulk of the news coming up during the month will be published the last week of the prior month. Around mid-month, a smaller edition will be published with updates and additional announcements.  We are trying to achieve a balance by not repeating so much information, which discourages overall reading and at the same time making content available via the web page. Basically, the newsletter will continue to have all the information. However, it will not be repeating the same full stories week after week as has been done in the past.

We need your help to keep our congregation updated. If your group is having a church event, take some photos and write a story. Just submit them to Ben Wallace at  We’ll be glad to include it in our communications. The more submissions we have, the better we will be able to communicate the vital ministries taking place at Elkin FUMC.

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