Sep 7


In anticipation of Hurricane Irma passing through Elkin, our church is being proactive in preparing to help our neighbors and community should the storm have devastating effects. We are asking everyone to bring bags of non-perishable food items that can easily be prepared if a family should lose power and/or water. Please include canned meats such as stew beef, tuna and ravioli. Any food left after the storm we will share with Tri-C. Please drop off non-perishable food in the fellowship hall on Sunday, September 10 (Sunday morning or from 4-6 pm while the youth are meeting)

In addition, we are asking any church members who own chain saws and are proficient with those to have those ready should we assist with fallen trees or limbs. Needless to say, those who do not own chain saws should be prepared to help move the brush and limbs away as they are cut to help our neighbors.

If we lose power, please listen to 100.9 WIFM for announcements as we will be unable to send out PhoneTree messages or emails.

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